A golden anniversary celebration – Radio Netherlands’ 50th anniversary: Part 2, the 40’s

The Radio Netherlands building in Hilversum
The Radio Netherlands’ building in Hilversum (© RNW)

This is the second of an 8-part series broadcast to mark the 50th anniversary celebrations of Radio Netherlands in March 1997. It is a comprehensive audio compilation of what was achieved in the first 50 years of the Dutch external radio broadcaster.

Part two covers the period 1947-1950. The programme, presented by Pete Myers, includes fragments from Eleanor Roosevelt during her trip to the Netherlands, George Marshall who came up with the famous plan to help European post-war economies and Winston Churchill on European cooperation. There is also an interview that George Sluizer made with Leonard Bernstein. Queen Juliana ascends to the throne. And the thorny question of Indonesian independence is also part of this programme.

The series was recorded in November 1996 and broadcast in February 1997. Pete Myers wrote the series together with translator and researcher Luc Lucas. They used material from the Radio Netherlands’ sound archives, as well as recordings that from the broadcast collection of Media Network, hosted by Jonathan Marks.

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