1st edition of Research File

Research File
Research File with Anne Blair Gould and Jonathan Marks

“In this weekly programme, we’ll be covering science as it really is, including some of the problems scientists are facing to keep their programmes sufficiently funded. We’ll be covering quite a few topics in depth, trying to keep the jargon to a minimum, but we’ll assume that you tuned this way to find out about science and technology and not about Dutch theatre and music festivals.

“Our main focus will be on developments taking place here in Europe, but we’ll do our best to put discoveries made here into context for listeners in other parts of the world, for especially in Holland we’re conscious that the information flow is not only from industrialised parts of the globe to developing areas of the world but the other way around as well. Audience research shows that medical and consumer technology are some of the most popular items that listeners are looking for, so they’re on the menu, together with some off-beat topics and even a snatch of relevant music. Music in a science programme, why not?”

Among the subjects in this premiere edition: acid rain, chlorofluorocarbons, the ozone layer, an extensive interview about AIDS and intelligent thermostats. 

Producers:  Anne Blair Gould & Jonathan Marks
Broadcast: March 28, 1988