Radio Books: Contemporary Dutch and Flemish Short Stories/ Nilgun Yerli

Nilgun Yerli

NILGUN YERLI : “Feelings without Frontiers”

Nilgun Yerli is a Dutch writer and cabaret artist, born in Turkey in 1969 and living in the Netherlands since the age of ten. She is the author of an award-winning novel “The Shrimp Peeler”, published in 2001. This Radio Books story is inspired by a two-year stay in Turkey in which Yerli explored her identity at a time of intense discussion in the Netherlands about multicultural society. She has since then returned to Turkey with cabaret performances, and continues to perform on the stage in Holland. She has also released two albums of Dutch-Turkish songs.

Presented by David Swatling and read by Jackie Spears. Translation by Imogen Cohen

Broadcast: October and November 2008

Radio Books was produced in association with the Dutch-Flemish Huis de Buren in Brussels and the Flemisch broacaster Klara.
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