Hitler the Artist, with Ian Kershaw

Hitler addressing a large crowd in Vienna in March 1938. He had failed to be admitted to the Art Academy in Vienna but discovered his true talent lay in addressing mass gatherings.( © Wikimedia)

Historian Ian Kershaw is one of the world’s leading experts on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. In the first part of his biography of the Nazi dictator, “Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris” , published after ten years of research in 1998, Kershaw seeks to unravel the complexities of personality and politics that went into the making of the man he calls “the most significant figure of the 20th century.” In this program he talks about young “Adi”´s dream to become a great artist, his love for the operas of Richard Wagner, and the influence of living in cultural capitals such as Vienna and Munich.

Produced and presented by David Swatling

Broadcast in Euroquest October 15, 1999