Close-Up Hildegard Knef : Interview with Nevil Gray / 1972-04-11

Under the title ‘Close up May 5th, 1972’ Nevil Gray interviews the German actress, movie star, singer and author Hildegard Knef about her book ‘Der geschenkte Gaul – Bericht aus einem Leben’ (‘The gift horse – Report of a Life’), about her youth in Germany, her American and movies years and her return to Europe.

She considers the book as a autobiography, written at the right moment for herself and also for a report on a generation that was raised in Nazi-Germany. How is it for a generation to be held responsible for the crimes, the country committed, at the same time knowing that they are not responsible for. How do you live with that form of collective guild? 


How does she managed to keep her sanity after the war and  Hollywood experiences and the mixed reactions, received in Germany after your return.

03’37” Song: ‘I travelled alone’?

05’04” The hard work after her return to Germany

06’19” Her experiences in the USA as a German.

09’47” Today she no longer acts, but writes poems and songs, which she sings in concerts and on records, most songs with an extremely personal nature. One of the most poignant:

10’05” Song: ‘Mein Freund’?

12’00” Her strange love-hate relationship with the German people during, before and after World War II.

13’44” The strange self-righteousness that came into Germany after the Second World War.

15’12” Song: ‘Ich erkenne dich nicht wieder, meine Stadt und du nicht mich’?

16’43” About her making a lot of bad films with good directors

17’44” Doing other plays, entirely by herself, together with her husband, a director and producer [David Cameron]

18’40” Song: ‘Such das Schöne’?

20’59” Her future plans: writing lyrics and may-be one hour special television show yearly. Inbetween the making of records.

21’34” Song: ‘Eins und eins, das macht zwei’.


lw ….. You have been listening to Hildegard Knef.

Onder de titel ‘Close up 5 mei 1972’ interviewt Nevil Gray de Duitse actrice, zangeres en schrijfster Hildegard Knef over haar boek ‘Der geschenkte Gaul – Bericht aus einem Leben’ (‘The gift horse – Report of a Life’). Dit is autobiografisch en handelt over haar jeugd in Duitsland, haar Amerikaans en Hollywoord jaren en haar terugkeer naar Duitsland. Zij beschrijft haar jeugd in Nazi-Duitsland, de jaren die zij in Amerika doorbracht en haar terugkeer naar Europa. Knef vertelt over de verwerking van de jaren onder het Nazi-regime en over het gevoel als Duitse ‘collectief schuldig’ te zijn. Zij gaat in op haar haat-liefde verhouding ten opzichte van Duitsland, op de houding van niet-Duitsers tegenover Duitsers en zij vertelt over haar film-, zang-, en schrijverscarrière. Met enkele door Hildegard Knef in het Duits gezongen liedjes.

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