Autumn of the Middle Ages: a Six-Part History in Words and Music from the Low Countries, Part 3

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Page from the Gruuthuse Manuscript ( © Koninklijke Bibliotheek Den Haag)

In de Middle Ages, the Netherlands played a very prominent role in European musical life. By “Netherlands” we mean the so-called “Low-Countries”, the regions along the North Sea which include the present-day Netherlands as well as Belgium. Both regions formed one whole which, in turn, was part of the Burgundian realm. In the 15th and 16th centuries Dutch composers from the southern Netherlands occupied positions of importance in the music ensembles of monarchs and princes and also as leading figures in the choirs of many European cathedrals. In the history of music this period is thus known as that of the “Dutch Schools”. These musicians became known as creators of impressive contrapuntal choral works on religious texts. But in this series of valuable recordings of Dutch Early Music, we present them also as composers of secular music, of songs and dances.
In this third programme of the series, we offer a further selection of late medieval music from the Low Countries, the Burgundian Netherlands. The music is performed by Studio Laren, founded in 1964 and inspired by the work of medieval scholar Marijke Ferguson. Studio Laren was the first ensemble to record music from the Gruuthuse Manuscript. This invaluable document, now in the possession of the Royal Library in The Hague, is one of our only sources of written Middle Dutch. But as you can hear in this programme, the songs of the various composers are sometimes sung in Dutch, and sometimes in French, the language of the ducal court .

Presented by Robert Haslach.

Produced by Dr. Jos Wouters (script and project coordination) and Willem G. Van Maanen
Recorded by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep and released as a set of six LP’s for broadcast by our partner stations 27 January, 1976.

B392101.03 Autumn of the Middle Ages : Programme 03 / 1976-01-27
Programme 03: Studio Laren, olv. Marijke Ferguson
Original recordings music: B358217 / B354906 / B364698
00:00 Insteltoon
00:57 Introductory Announcement by Nevil Gray
01:45 Robert Haslach
01:55 Titel (?) – (Gruuthuuse Manuscript, Anonymus)
02:21 Robert Haslach
02:39 Wi willen van den kerels zingen – (Gruuthuuse Manuscript, Anonymus) – Studio Laren
05:24 Robert Haslach
05:57 Ick sag een scuurdeur openstaan – (Gruuthuuse Manuscript, Anonymus) – Studio Laren
08:00 Robert Haslach
08:25 Mourir me voy – (Reginald Liebert) – Studio Laren
10:34 Robert Haslach
10:58 He, compagnons, resvelons nous – (Guillaume Dufay) – Studio Laren
13:04 Robert Haslach
13:19 Resvelons nous, resvelons amoureux – (Guillaume Dufay) – Studio Laren
14:01 Robert Haslach
14:23 Je me complains piteusement – (Guillaume Dufay) – Studio Laren
16:59 Robert Haslach
17:18 l’ Homme arme – (Anonymus) – Studio Laren
18:01 Robert Haslach
18:18 Franc coeur gentil – (Guillaume Dufay) – Studio Laren
20:18 Robert Haslach
20:41 Basse danse: La danse de cleues – (Anonymus) – Studio Laren
22:27 Back-announcement by Nevil Gray

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