Peter the Great: Part 2 of 3 (The Great Embassy)

There are very good reasons for calling “the most excellent and great sovereign prince Pyotr Aleskeyevich, leader of all the Russias” czar Peter the Great. It is impossible to exaggerate […]

Heavenly Stories: Bollywood Dreams

India literature produced the single longest poem in history, the great epic Mahabarata. Today the ancient story-telling and poetry recital traditions of India live on in “Bollywood”, the world’s biggest […]

Piet Mondrian

While some people are simply reminded of handkerchief designs at the sight of a canvas by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), there is no doubt that he was one […]

Goddess of the Netherlands: Belle van Zuylen

  Isabelle Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken (1740-1805) was her full name at birth, an impressive enough name on its own. She came to be known as simply Belle […]

Microchips Yes, Potato Chips No

India relaxed its laws on foreign investments in 1991 and opened its doors to market liberalization. By the time this programme was made a few years later, India was being […]

The Angst Behind Our Urban Myths

Now if you live in the Far North and you think you’ve spotted a polar bear rummaging through your trash, or a moose wandering around your back yard, or even […]