Johannis de Rijke: the Dutch Sensai

Johannis de Rijke (1842-1913) was the son of a humble dyke worker from Zeeland. Yet by the time he died, he had reached the highest position ever reached by a […]

The Way it is: Unicef at 50

The United Nations Children’s Fund is an organisation which resonates with hope for our tomorrows but rings with despair for all our yesterdays. Hope because children are our future, despair […]

Siren Song – Deirdre McCloskey

Dheera Sujan meets the internationally renowned economist Deirdre McCloseky, at the time holding the Tinbergen Chair at Rotterdam’s Erasmus University. Professor McCloskey started life as Donald, fathered two children and […]

Dutch Horizons: Amsterdam and the violin

Amsterdam has a tradition of violin making which goes back to the 17th century. It produced some fine violin builders whose instruments are still sought after today. This tradition of […]

Aural Tapestry: Here to be dragons!

Dragons appear in mythology in all parts of the world. In the Far East, dragons tend to be benevolent and intelligent. In the West, they tend to be symbols of […]

Wide Angle: European Space Agency

Clair Cavanaugh visits the ESA research and test centre at Noordwijk where the cutting edge research is being done for the International Space Station. She meets experts, is shown a […]

Sound Fountain/Global Perspective: Retracing the routes

Global perspective: A group of international broadcasters exchanges documentaries with a common theme. This five-part series examines the way in which global forces are challenging business and industry, changing our […]

The Bilal’s fourth wife

In 1982, the Radio Netherlands’ Transcription Service produced a series of African short stories. This was the last in the series. By: Sembene Ousmane (Senegal) Reader: Luis Mahoney Produced and […]

Jacques Brel

Aural Tapestry – Jacques Brel

In this programme, David Swatling portrays Jacques Brel, who’s been called a historian of the human heart. The programme visits an exhibition on Brel and talks to contemporary singers or […]