Jan Henk Kleijn

Under Foreign Skies – Jan Henk Kleijn

It might seem strange for a 62-year-old Dutchman to settle down in Colombia, a country that at the turn of the century was mostly making the news because of the […]

Beyond the walls of apartheid

After the collapse of apartheid, people will have to come to terms with the new reality in South Africa. As it will be the young generation who will have to […]

The Bilal’s fourth wife

In 1982, the Radio Netherlands’ Transcription Service produced a series of African short stories. This was the last in the series. By: Sembene Ousmane (Senegal) Reader: Luis Mahoney Produced and […]


DNA – The essence of life

Liesbeth de Bakker investigates the possible impact of the unraveling of the exact coe of our DNA. Can we really weed out bad genes, and do we really want to? […]

Bartolomeo Nazarie - Portrait of Farinelli 1734 - Royal College of Music London

Aural Tapestry – Il Castrati

Join Chris Chambers in his exploration of the abnormal and the sublime when he examines the fascinating world of the castrati, the prima donas of the opera stage in the […]

Jacques Brel

Aural Tapestry – Jacques Brel

In this programme, David Swatling portrays Jacques Brel, who’s been called a historian of the human heart. The programme visits an exhibition on Brel and talks to contemporary singers or […]

Amalia van Solms

Aural Tapestry: The Royal Court of The Hague

To mark The Hague’s 750th anniversary in 1998, David Swatling focuses on an important era in the city’s history with the help of two exhibitions. One, Princely Display, presents a […]

Blood River memorial

From the high veld to high tech

Afrikaners have gone down in history as the Boers who fought the British around 1900, as well as the perpetrators of apartheid. But what is becoming of the Afrikaners and […]