Father John Visser

Under Foreign Skies – Father John Visser

When Father John Visser met Silesian priests at the end of World War II, he knew that he too wanted to become a Silesian of Don Bosco, an organisation dedicated […]


In Limbo – Palestinian gays

In the Palestinian occupied territories, gays and lesbians face imprisonment, torture and even death. They cannot take refuge in Israel or seek asylum elsewhere. They are ignored or rejected by […]

Enid Blyton: 20th Century Mother Goose

  Books can be a comfort, an escape from the demands and unpleasant realities of life. In this programme, the Sound Fountain looks at the very different public and private […]

Titanic: a 20th-Century Parable

The sinking of the luxury ocean liner RMS Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912 continues to fascinate people. The loss of over 1,500 lives made it one of the […]

Amalia van Solms

Aural Tapestry: The Royal Court of The Hague

To mark The Hague’s 750th anniversary in 1998, David Swatling focuses on an important era in the city’s history with the help of two exhibitions. One, Princely Display, presents a […]

Blood River memorial

From the high veld to high tech

Afrikaners have gone down in history as the Boers who fought the British around 1900, as well as the perpetrators of apartheid. But what is becoming of the Afrikaners and […]

Greetje Bijma

Martha Hawley talks to Greetje Bijma

In this unedited interview, Martha Hawley meets Dutch vocalist Greetje Bijma. She uses her voi e as a musical instrument to produce sounds that create a certain feeling. Words of […]

Dorothy Allison reading on March 23, 2015

Aural Tapestry – Not Angry Anymore – Two Lesbian Feminists

David Swatling meets two award-winning lesbian-feminist writers: Dorothy Allison, author of “Cave-dwellers”, and Donna Minkowitz, author of “Ferocious Romance”. They about their background, their coming out and, interestingly, one of […]

Heavenly Stories: Bollywood Dreams

India literature produced the single longest poem in history, the great epic Mahabarata. Today the ancient story-telling and poetry recital traditions of India live on in “Bollywood”, the world’s biggest […]

Piet Mondrian

While some people are simply reminded of handkerchief designs at the sight of a canvas by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), there is no doubt that he was one […]