Aural Tapestry – Paco Peña’s Passion

David Swatling meets Paco Peña, the master of flamenco and composer of flamenco of the Misa Flamenca. The interview covers the origin of flamenco and the idea behind his flamenco […]

Chris Chambers meets Dr. Frans Vera

In this unedited interview for Talking it Over, Chris Chambers meets the controversial ecologist and conservationist Dr. Frans Vera. He talks extensively about Holland’s man-made nature. Vera is a staunch […]

Never Kneel Down: Rebuilding Eritrea

In 1993 Eritrea became Africa’s newest independent country, after a bitter war against Ethiopia in which over one hundred thousand people died. The hostilities lasted 30 years, longer than any […]

Barrier enclosing the Gaza Strip

A prison within a prison

When one thinks of prison islands many names spring to mind – Devil’s Island, Robben Island, Alcatraz Island, to name a few. Gaza may not be an island or a […]

Hello! Human Rights

The State We’re In – Human rights defenders

This edition of The State We’re, a weekly programme on “human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other”, features human rights defenders from across the globe, including Umida […]

Euro Hit 40 – Review 2008

For many years, well into this century, Radio Netherlands surveyed the pop music charts of 18 European countries every week and compiled one-hour programmes for rebroadcasting around the world in […]

FelixMeritis Building in Amsterdam

Felix Meritis

Felix Meritis is one of the Netherlands most remarkable and important historical buildings. Lying on one of the grandest canals in Amsterdam, it has been the centre of the Dutch […]

The State We’re In: Language Rights

Language is the greatest tool of communication we have and it brings people together. So why is it that such a precious and essential tool is often at the heart […]

Banned Books (©MvdMeer)

The State We’re In: Banned Books

Ever since the invention of printing, books have been banned, blacklisted, boycotted, burned and bowdlerized. Books can be dangerous, but the right to produce and distribute a book is essential […]