Professor Jan Van Hooff at a conference in The Hague in 2014

Dutch Primatologist Jan van Hooff

Born in 1936, Jan van Hooff’s childhood predestined him to become a famous animal behavourist. After all, his parents were the directors of Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, and this is […]

Pulling the plug on pox

Smallpox is regarded as one of the most consequential of all the pestilential diseases that have plagued humanity for the past ten thousand years. One in three could die from […]

Monument to Memory and Truth in San Salvador

The unfinished struggle in El Salvador

In 1980, skirmishes between El Salvador’s government and the Farabundi Martí Liberation Front (FMLN) descended into full-scale civil war. During the ensuing 12 years of fighting, 75,000 people were killed […]

Nevil Grey meets Timothy Leary

In this unedited interview, Nevil Gray speaks with Timothy Leary (1920-1996) who was in Holland for a lecture and workshop. Leary was a psychologist. He tried to revolutionise the science […]

Barrier enclosing the Gaza Strip

A prison within a prison

When one thinks of prison islands many names spring to mind – Devil’s Island, Robben Island, Alcatraz Island, to name a few. Gaza may not be an island or a […]

Hello! Human Rights

The State We’re In – Human rights defenders

This edition of The State We’re, a weekly programme on “human rights, human wrongs and how we treat each other”, features human rights defenders from across the globe, including Umida […]

Euro Hit 40: 2008 year-end review

For many years, well into the 21st century, Radio Netherlands surveyed the pop music charts of 18 European countries every week and compiled one-hour programmes for rebroadcasting around the world […]

FelixMeritis Building in Amsterdam

The Felix Meritis building in Amsterdam

  Felix Meritis is one of the Netherlands most remarkable and important historical buildings. Lying on one of the grandest canals in Amsterdam, it has been the centre of the […]

The State We’re In: Language rights

Language is the greatest tool of communication we have and it brings people together. So why is it that such a precious and essential tool is often at the heart […]