The CCTV Tower in Beijing by Rem Koolhaas

The daring design of the new headquarters of China Central Television, the state media of the People’s Republic, is controversial for both architectural as well as political reasons. The building […]

Toilets in India

Bombay is India’s most cosmopolitan city. Its sheer scope, hustle and bustle, its mass of human can overwhelm. On a taxi ride to the city, chances are, you will be […]

The body snatchers

In Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries, the trade in human flesh was at its height. Surgeons studying anatomy needed corpses to practice on – and the body snatchers […]

Research File on bonobos

Bonobos, known for years as “pygmy chimpanzees”, are now recognized to be a separate species of primate, and one of our most intriguing close relatives. They are particulary loved for […]

Aural Tapestry: Here to be dragons!

Dragons appear in mythology in all parts of the world. In the Far East, dragons tend to be benevolent and intelligent. In the West, they tend to be symbols of […]

Wide Angle: European Space Agency

Clair Cavanaugh visits the ESA research and test centre at Noordwijk where the cutting edge research is being done for the International Space Station. She meets experts, is shown a […]

Sound Fountain/Global Perspective: Retracing the routes

Global perspective: A group of international broadcasters exchanges documentaries with a common theme. This five-part series examines the way in which global forces are challenging business and industry, changing our […]

The Bilal’s fourth wife

In 1982, the Radio Netherlands’ Transcription Service produced a series of African short stories. This was the last in the series. By: Sembene Ousmane (Senegal) Reader: Luis Mahoney Produced and […]

Jacques Brel

Aural Tapestry – Jacques Brel

In this programme, David Swatling portrays Jacques Brel, who’s been called a historian of the human heart. The programme visits an exhibition on Brel and talks to contemporary singers or […]